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Futusly™ 2023 Tragbarer kinetischer Molekularheizer

Futusly™ 2023 Tragbarer kinetischer Molekularheizer

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Futusly™ 2023 Tragbarer kinetischer Molekularheizer
 (3,432 Reviews)
Normaler Preis €45,97
Normaler Preis €45,97 Verkaufspreis
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Jetzt können Sie mit dem  tragbaren kinetischen Heizgerät Futusly™ jederzeit und überall warm bleiben und eine erhebliche Menge an Stromkosten einsparen. Sie müssen sich keine Sorgen mehr machen, dass Ihr Zuhause und Ihr Auto an kalten Morgen mit Schnee bedeckt sind! 

Over the past decade, there have been approximately 36 major snow disasters each year, with the northern and northeastern regions being the hardest hit. With the rising electricity prices, people have had to foot substantial bills for their heating systems every year. Tens of thousands of vehicles become inoperable or unable to function due to ice annually. Major snow disasters result in vehicle damage, wear and tear, and an increase in traffic accidents.

Brad Dotson submitted photos of his car journey using the Futusly™ Portable Kinetic Heater Congratulations on your success!

“This is hands down the best shopping experience I've ever had! I ordered these de-icing gadgets two weeks ago, and they processed my order right away. They shipped from California, and I could track the real-time logistics on my phone, which gave me peace of mind. In chilly Chicago, my Toyota SUV needed these de-icers. They come equipped with a temperature sensor, automatically kicking in when the temperature drops too low, so no manual operation is needed. This means no more scraping ice and frost off my windshield and windows. While my neighbors are out battling snowstorms to clear snow from their cars, I'm grateful I invested in these de-icers. What I particularly love is the robust defrosting effect they provide on my windshield, especially when driving at night, significantly enhancing safety and visibility.A fantastic product that I'll wholeheartedly recommend to everyone!”

As the electricity prices have been skyrocketing, my meager pension couldn't keep up with the rising costs of heating. I decided to give this de-icer a try. It's rechargeable and solar-powered, helping me save a significant amount on heating and snow removal expenses each year. When the temperature drops too low, it quickly raises my room from 10°F to 72°F within 15 minutes. This de-icer actually covers my entire apartment. After a heavy snowstorm, my roof was covered in snow, so I turned it on. Two hours later, the snow on my roof and in front of my door had melted away, eliminating the need for dangerous rooftop work. It's incredibly safe and runs quieter than my air purifier, ensuring it doesn't disrupt my sleep. I've only had it for three days, but I've already fallen in love with it. - Judy Fecko

The climate problem is getting worse, Please prepare preventive measures in advance - the latest solutions in 2023

When facing extremely cold temperatures and blizzard conditions, it's important to realize that they pose significant challenges not only to your indoor temperature and vulnerable roof but also to vehicles exposed to such frigid weather. These challenges include frozen door handles, nearly invisible windshields due to heavy snow, and in the most severe cases, vehicles may find themselves completely buried under a daunting 1.3 meters of snow, further underscoring the need for reliable solutions to cope with the cold.

Fortunately, there is an extraordinary solution now available - the Kinetic Molecular Antifreeze Heating Device! It can keep your home warm and prevent roof snow buildup. You can also place it in your vehicle to prevent freezing and being buried under snow.

The Secret to Preventing Homes and Cars from Getting Stuck in Ice and Snow - Latest Research Findings from NASA

The temperature on the surface of Mars ranges from -20℉ to -80℉. In this harsh environment, the Mars exploration rover Perseverance may be frozen at any time. But actually, it still works! That's because of the machine NASA uses for space missions - he Kinetic Molecular Antifreeze Heating Device. It ensures that the Mars exploration rover Perseverance will be free from ice and snow in this extreme environment and will not be frozen. Now, the aerospace technology used in the U.S. Mars exploration rover "Perseverance" has overcome mass production problems and entered the civilian market. Committed to solving the problem of vehicles being affected by ice and snow in extreme environments in daily life

Key Technologies of the Kinetic Molecular Anti-freeze Heater : 

The BIKENDA™ Portable Kinetic Molecular Heater features a dual-loop suspension system designed by NASA. When activated, these dual loops induce molecular rotational motion. The molecular movement releases kinetic energy, which not only prevents water molecules from freezing but also serves the fundamental task of heating the environment.

As these rings elegantly spin, they set in motion a captivating display of kinetic energy conversion. The kinetic energy they generate is harnessed and efficiently channeled into a gentle, warm heat. It's a testament to cutting-edge technology at work, seamlessly transforming kinetic energy into the cozy heat that envelops your space, ensuring a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

Practical and stylish car accessories

The Futusly™ Portable Kinetic Heater, when applied to your vehicle, utilizes kinetic energy generated by rotation to prevent water molecules from freezing and generates comfortable heat. During the cold winter months, when it detects the air temperature dropping too low, it automatically activates. Leveraging cutting-edge aerospace technology, it promptly melts the snow and ice covering your car. With it, you won't need to search for your vehicle in the snow on chilly mornings. It can be powered through either solar energy or fast USB charging, and just 15 minutes of charging can store enough energy for a month's use. The easy-to-install base makes it suitable for all vehicle types, whether it's a luxury sedan, an off-road SUV, an economy car, or even a motorhome, the Futusly™ Portable Kinetic Molecular Heater Device can be easily attached to any vehicle.

Thanks to the portability of the Futusly™ Portable Kinetic Molecular Heater, it can extend from your car to your home, providing all-around warmth within 600 square feet of your home in under 5 minutes. You can rely on it to ensure your home has a warm temperature in winter, saving you significant annual electricity costs. It also helps you avoid costly repair expenses caused by roof damage, house collapse, interior leaks, and other issues due to roof snow accumulation.
The Futusly™ Portable Kinetic Molecular Heater is not only portable and aesthetically pleasing but also comes with two power supply modes: solar power and fast USB charging. It provides an economically efficient solution, allowing you to fully charge it in 2 hours in ample sunlight or quickly charge it in 15 minutes by connecting to a power source. A single charge can last for 1 month. It not only offers you efficient and safe heating but also contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Customers' lives have changed after using Futusly™ Portable Kinetic Molecular Heater:

I bought this product just in time for the first (of many!) snows and ice in Erie, PA - a few days before it arrived we already had a thick layer of ice on our handlebars and The windshield was also frozen. By the end of the day, there was a thick layer of ice on top. We then had to work in the parking lot for over half an hour. This de-icer can melt almost any ice cube without any effort required. It's also wide enough to cover the rear doors and rear windows, leaving no annoying ice patches anywhere. Great product! highly recommended! (As someone who moved from Florida who moved up north, this works wonders! This has to be one of the best investments I've ever made especially since my old car tends to get icy real quick)

 --⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Michigan, Jordan Jones

Ich freue mich sehr, das zu bekommen. Es kam gerade rechtzeitig, damit ich es während des Eissturms, der den ganzen Monat andauerte, nutzen konnte . Ich bin eine 74-jährige Frau, die allein lebt, und ich habe weder die Energie noch die Zeit, den ganzen Morgen mein Auto zu putzen und einfach zum Lebensmittelladen zu gehen, um ein paar Dinge abzuholen. Jetzt stehe ich jeden Morgen auf und steige in mein Auto, als wäre der Winter nie gekommen. Meine Nachbarn kratzen immer noch dickes Eis und Schnee von ihren Autoscheiben und ich fühle mich so schlecht, dass ich jedem von ihnen einen Link zum Kauf schicke.    

 -- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐London,  Caleb Austin

Was macht den tragbaren kinetischen Molekularheizer Futusly™ zur besten Wahl?

  • Die maßgebliche Luft- und Raumfahrttechnologie der NASA
  • Keine Beeinträchtigung oder Beeinträchtigung elektronischer Geräte im Auto
  • Keine Strahlung, keine Nebenwirkungen auf den menschlichen Körper
  • Eine angenehme Temperatur von 25 °C und  360°-Rundum-Enteisung
  • Stilvolles Aussehen und einfache Installation
  • Zwei Stromversorgungsmodi: Solarenergie und 15-minütiges Schnellladen
  • Zwei Nutzungsmodi: automatische Erkennung ein und manuelles Einschalten
  • Verhindert beschlagene Autoscheiben
  • Die besten Heizoptionen für Szenarien wie unerwartete Stromausfälle,
    Ihr Auto, das Wohnzimmer, das Büro, Arbeiten im Freien, Partys und Abenteuer


Futusly™ Mini tragbarer kinetischer Heizer

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